About Us

The Original Residence retains much of its Victorian character with hardwood floors, natural wood molding, bay windows, and several beautiful fireplaces. There are both private and semi-private rooms available in the Original Residence on both the 1st and 2nd floors including rooms with Comfortable Guest Roomsexcellent views.  An elevator has been added to make the 2nd floor rooms more accessible.  The Original Residence also offers its own beautiful dining room and parlor with television and activities area.

The New Addition is located immediately behind the Original Residence.  This bright spacious building is the center of most of the group activities at The Captain Lewis Residence.  The majority of the bedrooms are also located in this area.  Each of these bedrooms feature an attached bathroom. The New Addition also has its own dining room and living room.  The laundry room, med room and nurse’s station are also located in this area.

We are committed to providing outstanding personal care and services to our residents.  To cater to the varied needs of our residents, we employ a full range of trained professional staff including: an RN consultant, an LPN, CRMAs, CMTs, PCAs, an activities coordinator, etc.  We work closely with physicians, social workers, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals to coordinate and monitor each resident’s particular health needs and goals.